It has occurred to me…

…that I’ve completely disappointed regarding the title of this blog. It is indeed titled didyouknowshecanSEW, not didyouknowshecantalkaboutsweetteaandotherjunk. Hah!

So here’s the deal. I’m a very happy Stay-at-home-mom, and as such have found less and less time to do all the little sewing projects I have on my list, but I’ll post some pictures of what I have managed to complete in the last little while.

So staying true to our fun, geeky lifestyle, I constructed the most awesome bib for little B. Hopefully some of you are familiar with the show, Adventure Time. If not, go look it up. It’s on Cartoon Network. You can thank me later. Diggy diggy.

The bib was constructed using a pattern and tutorial I purchased from someone on Etsy, though that was my pre-Pinterest days. I suggest looking there first before throwing down any money for it, because it truly is ridiculously easy. Typically all you need to construct your own bib pattern is a bib to trace and some heavier paper (old paper bags work well).

Here are some shorts I made for her thanks to this tutorial. I just cut the legs shorter to make shorts instead of pants (way better for Florida summers) and added a cute little applique detail for fun.

I have some very exciting things to post soon in the way of geeky curtains for a dear friend’s nursery, a beautiful little flower girl dress for my darling daughter, a pretty little lace dress for Mommy to carry her down the aisle with and the most rocking friendship quilt (I can’t WAIT to finish that one!!). Among many others, but that’s just the beginning over here. Some things might get put aside to quickly stitch together some crib liners, as my sweet little munchkin has discovered that her crib tastes *delicious* and she simply must chew on it every chance she gets.

I thought another fun thing to add to my blog is what I’m listening to while blogging. Music affects every aspect of my life and is always playing in our home. My daughter wakes to it, sleeps to it and rocks to it during the day. Currently, I’m into the Adele radio station on Pandora, and they’ve been playing Amy Winehouse, Jason Mraz, Norah Jones, Etta James and other soul brothers and sisters. Love it.

“They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no no no!”

Catch you later, cats!

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